RO Water Purification System in Dubai

The capital city of Belize has declared a state of emergency, and residents have been told to remain indoors until water quality improves.

Key points:Residents in the capital have been advised to remain outdoors until water levels improveWater levels are at an all-time high in Belo, and authorities have warned people to be cautious when using their tap waterThe government has issued a statement on the matterThe Belize capital has declared an emergency, according to the country’s health ministry, because of a water level at an extreme of over 70 per cent.

It is the highest level ever recorded in Belmopan, according Belmopans health ministry.

The city’s chief health officer said Belmopani has now reached the point where people should not drink tap water.

Water levels have been at an “all-time peak” in Belopani since the early 2000s, and the health department has warned people not to use tap water as the water is “too dirty to drink”.

Residents in Belmopan are urged to stay indoors as water levels have risen above 70 per se in the past few days, the city’s health officer told the Associated Press news agency.

“The health department urges people to remain at home, take extra precautions when using tap water, and do not use the water for anything else,” said Belmophan’s mayor, Luis Carlos Carrasco.

He said Belizeans water supply had been damaged in recent years due to a drought caused by El Niño and that it would take months to repair the damage.

“People are not being treated right now, but when the water levels rise, people will need to be treated,” Carrascos said.

The statement by Belmopany said the water level was over 70% in some neighbourhoods, and it had been in this range since April.

“As soon as we get a higher water level, we will assess whether it is safe to drink water and what level of water is safe,” said Carrasos.

The Belmopane mayor said the government was working with the local water company and with the Belmopanic Water Company to assess the situation.

The government statement said Belampan would be sending more water samples to a laboratory for analysis, which it hoped would show if the water was contaminated.

It added that the city had not received any health warnings about drinking water in the last few days and that the authorities had taken precautions to avoid any public health problems.

“We have tested all water supplies in Belampania and no traces of any contamination were found,” said the Belampani health department.

“Belmopani is not in danger, but we are taking precautions because Belampanism water supplies have been damaged by El Nino in recent decades.

The Belmopano authorities are taking these steps to protect Belampans water supplies from any risk.”

The Belampanes water system has been under threat in recent weeks, as El Nio caused widespread water shortages and damage to wells and irrigation systems.

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