RO Water Purification System in Dubai

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is releasing a water cleanup guide to help local officials better plan for clean water.

It’s a follow-up to its Water Quality and Management Guide released earlier this month, which covered the steps local governments can take to improve water quality.

“We are seeing that local communities have been able to improve their water quality in the past several years.

That has been driven by an abundance of water sources and the elimination of water pollution,” AWWA President and CEO Jeff Buss said in a statement.

“The American Waterworks Association has taken a hard look at how we can use our leadership to support the local communities that are leading the way to clean, safe drinking water.”

Water Quality and Health Program Administrator Mike Wiles said the guidelines are designed to help water utilities plan for more frequent water cleanups.

“It’s important for utilities to have the tools in place to make sure that they’re prepared to respond to any future challenges that emerge in the future,” Wiles told Business Insider.

“And it’s important to note that the guidance is just one piece of a larger set of resources that are going to help ensure that communities and businesses are prepared for the challenges ahead.”

The AWWA’s water quality and health program works to help communities protect the health of the water and its people.

“We are working with communities to make our water more safe, more resilient, and more reliable,” Buss added.

“That includes a focus on water quality management, water resource planning, and water quality data, and the collection and dissemination of that information.

We want to be able to offer water providers and customers a better understanding of what they can expect in the coming years.”

Buss said AWWA will work with local officials to better prepare for the future, but added that it also wants to work with state and federal agencies to improve drinking water supplies and infrastructure.

“It is absolutely critical that we continue to strengthen our water infrastructure, so that we can meet the needs of the people who live in our communities,” Bess said.

“While we’re focusing on this year’s Clean Water Day, the AWWA has also developed a comprehensive water quality program that we are actively working to make available to communities across the country, including in some of the most water-intensive areas of our country.”

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