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President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the “movement that is the ‘black Lives Matter’ movement” is “a total lie” and that “people are tired of it.”

“They’re tired of hearing that black lives don’t matter,” Trump said during a press conference.

“Black lives matter and they are being killed in record numbers.”

Trump, who has been repeatedly accused of racially tinged remarks in recent days, was responding to a question from a journalist about how many black people were killed by police, according to the Associated Press.

“They kill black people at a rate higher than white people.

That’s a total false claim,” Trump told the reporter.

“People are tired.”

Trump was asked if he thinks that the media has given him the benefit of the doubt over the killings by police.

“I think the media gave me the benefit.

I mean, it’s a big thing.

I think that they gave me a lot of credit.

But they’re just going to keep giving me a benefit of doubt.

I don’t believe that they have given me the best information.

I just don’t.

They gave me credit for something, they gave it to me.”

Trump said he believes the police are “under attack” by protesters and that he believes “people want change.”

“I want a police state, and we’re going to have that change,” Trump continued.

“I don’t want to live in a country that allows people to do things that are going to bring about the destruction of a free society.”

Trump continued to criticize protesters on Tuesday, saying he “hates” them.

“Some of them are great, but the other people are horrible, and they want to kill people.

I have a problem with that.

They’re going into neighborhoods and they’re going and killing people,” Trump claimed.

“They’re bad people.

They kill, they rape, they kill.

It’s called Black Lives Matter.

We need a new name.”

Trump has been in a war of words with protesters in recent weeks, with the president tweeting at protesters earlier this month and then later at a reporter who asked him about a protester in a crowd of about 2,000 people.

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