RO Water Purification System in Dubai

Clear water container and water from rain to lakes in northern Saskatchewan cleared by rainfall and snow, officials said Monday.

Clear water container used to be a way for rainwater in the north to be carried to the south.

In the past, that container was located in a pond or river.

But with the warmer weather this year, that area has become a more suitable location, said Jason Rivet, deputy director of the Sault Ste.

Marie Municipal Utility District.

He said the Clearwater container is located in the southern part of the district and it was recently upgraded to a flood water container.

The water container was first installed in the early 2000s, said Rivets, and is about four metres deep.

It is used to hold rainwater from snowmelt to the lake, he said.

The Clearwater is being used as a flood-control device, and the lake is getting about 1.8 millimetres of rain a day.

“So it is getting some of the runoff water from the storm water system that has built up,” Rivett said.

“It’s also being used for irrigation.”

In the meantime, Riveta said, Clearwater has been a “big help” in maintaining the lake and it will continue to do so as long as conditions remain favourable.

“We’ve been able to use the water from this rainwater container to provide irrigation for our irrigation system,” he said, adding that it was just another way to get rainwater back into the area.

The lake was last tested in December 2014 and the test results showed that the Clearport container was safe to use, said the Saugatuck City of Parks and Recreation.

The city has since installed new flood protection measures and a new drainage system.

Saugatucks’ water quality program manager, Chris Larkin, said he is hopeful that all of the water that has been collected over the years will be used in the future to clean up the lake.

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