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By JAMES BRIGGSThe water and sand that make up the jungle’s clear water and clear sand concepts are not new to Brazil, but are now being explored by the country’s government.

In May, the Brazilian government announced the first-ever rainforest project that uses recycled water, and in December, it unveiled a plan to create the world’s first rainforest to be entirely sustainable.

The project, called “Jungle”, is expected to create an eco-forest by 2025.

The jungle concept is based on the concept of “forest-based” architecture that seeks to create habitats that are rich in biodiversity, while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing.

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, pictured in September, has said she wants to see the country become a global green superpower in the coming yearsWhile it is possible to create sustainable habitats by creating an ecosystem that is both natural and ecologically sound, it is challenging to create such a large ecosystem without damaging the environment.

The idea of “greening” a habitat has also been criticized as an example of environmental colonialism.

The Jungle project will take place on the edge of a rainforest known as the “Tajik Triangle”, which is home to a large number of endangered species.

In the area, the government has identified more than 10,000 species, which is considered a significant environmental resource.

The concept of the Jungle is based largely on the idea of an “environmental forest”.

The concept is to use recycled water and reclaimed sand to create a forest, but it also aims to create native vegetation and the habitat needed for a wide range of ecosystem services.

A new forest is expected by 2025Jungle’s eco-village is designed to include more than 1,000 trees that are planted in the same area that the jungle is, creating a sustainable habitat that can also be reused and reused again.

This will make it a place that can be easily reused, said Paulo Nuno Santos, the president of the project, who is also an architect.

The Jungle will be a part of the Tajik forest, and the city of Rio de Janeiro has already received permission to build a version of the jungle with a similar layout.

“The Jungle concept is not a new concept,” Santos said.

“The idea is based entirely on indigenous knowledge and practices that are inextricably linked with the ecology of the forest.”

The jungle will be built on the banks of the river Amazon, which has been polluted by heavy rains that have brought severe drought conditions in Brazil.

A large part of this rainwater is diverted to the area to make rainforest.

The city of the future, Rio de Janiero, is already a destination for tourists due to its green architecture and a lack of traffic.

It is also home to an Olympic stadium, and many of the buildings and infrastructure on the city’s main boulevard are part of a new green plan that aims to reduce pollution and create more green space.

“There are many areas in Brazil that are becoming more and more polluted,” Santos added.

“We want to create spaces that can benefit the environment.”

The Jungle’s design is inspired by the Amazon rainforestIn order to create what Santos called an ecoforest that is ecologically “sound”, the Jungle will have a total area of 5,000 hectares, or 1,600 square kilometers, and will include 1,200 hectares of trees, 500 hectares of vegetation, and 30,000 animals.

The trees will be planted in a large, flat area, which will provide protection for animals and the surrounding area.

The trees will also be used for mulch, which can be harvested for other purposes.

The jungle will also contain a sewage treatment plant, an artificial lake, and a large natural spring.

The plan also includes a new airport and a city that will be “the next big city of Brazil”, and will be connected to other projects in Rio de Jandrono.

The airport will be located on the river, where the Amazon basin meets the Amazon River, and it will include an airport terminal and a hotel, which Santos said would be a major tourism draw.

The project will also have a residential area that will include a town, which may become a community center, and be connected with a hospital.

It will also include a hotel and shopping mall, which could be a gateway to the rest of Rio.

The government hopes that the Jungle project can help improve environmental sustainability in Brazil, as well as attract tourists to the country.

“We have always been very conscious of sustainability and sustainability of natural resources, but the Jungle concept offers a way to create eco-friendly communities,” Santos told Al Jazeera.

“People will appreciate the environment and they will want to come and visit.”

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