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Croatia is on the brink of a flood emergency and some of its most populous cities are facing a water crisis that could take up to 10 days to fix.

Key points:Croatia’s central government has warned of possible shortages of water and food if the country doesn’t quickly address the crisisThe floods could be a “game changer” in the war between the EU and Russia over territoryThe water crisis has forced many people to abandon their homesThe European Union has warned the country needs to get the water supply flowing again by Saturday, which could be possible if the government can’t quickly solve the problem.

Croatian Prime Minister Miro Cerar said on Saturday that he is taking a series of steps to address the water crisis, including the construction of a dam and raising the national minimum drinking-water level from 0.2 to 0.4 litres per litre.

He said the authorities were also considering measures to make water more reliable.

“I’m taking measures to ensure that the water that is available is reliable and reliable.

If I don’t do this I cannot be certain that I will be able to get water to the people in Croatia,” Cerar told a news conference.

The central government said on Thursday that it was considering raising the drinking-level limit to 0,872 litres per person to avoid a “crisis” for the entire country.

The measures, including raising the standard of drinking-Water from 0,934 litres per liter to 0 of 1,000 litres per year, are designed to protect the population from the potential of a crisis, the prime minister’s office said.

Croats are also trying to cope with the situation by raising prices for basic goods, such as milk, milk products, and coffee, as well as importing water from Russia.

Croaks have already raised prices for some food items, such coffee and milk, and have started to import bottled water and other products, said Andrej Miljkovic, a hydrologist at the national hydrological service.

Miljkovich said the country could face “significant shortages of drinking water and some foodstuffs”, although it was unclear how long the crisis would last.

The country has been battling two devastating floods in the past few days, with some of the worst damage caused by heavy rains and heavy rainfall.

Croatios emergency manager said the government was working to address all possible problems.

The government has been using a special program to offer a free water filter for residents, while it is providing some of those who need it with bottled water.

Croants central government is also planning to deploy thousands of local water purification units to address widespread shortages of tap water.

“We are working on a plan to install the units at all places in the country, as we are going to be inundated with water, and the units will not only remove the water but will also clean the water,” said Cerar.

A senior Croatian official said he was also considering using a mixture of water from other countries in the European Union to make up for the lack of water.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, warned on Friday that Croatia is facing a “serious risk” of a humanitarian crisis and urged the government to do more.

The EU is concerned that the rapid response to the floods, including a water purifier, could have a devastating effect on the Croatian economy and its ability to rebuild after a conflict with Russia in which many of its population are Russian citizens.

The agency has asked the Croatian authorities to urgently prepare for possible shortages if the crisis doesn’t ease quickly.

Croatismi President Aleksandar Vucic told the Associated Press news agency on Friday: “If there is not a quick, decisive, quick solution, I am afraid that we will not be able for many days.”

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