RO Water Purification System in Dubai

President Donald Trump’s home is adorned with an advertisement for a clean water dream, an aspirational dream of an end to a decade of environmental degradation in Texas, and one that could be fulfilled by a federal investment in the Lone Star State.

“A new era is beginning,” reads a poster in the kitchen of Trump Tower.

“It begins with a clean future for America and the world.”

In a statement announcing the ad campaign, Trump said the goal was to promote a “new vision for the future of clean water” and a “world class clean energy economy.”

The Texas Clean Water Campaign is a new nonprofit that hopes to mobilize citizens to lead by example and help end water shortages in Texas and around the country.

The group launched the campaign in October.

The campaign’s main target is the Houston Metropolitan Sewerage District, a key source of clean drinking water for more than half of the state’s population.

The state relies on the water supply for more to than half its population.

In January, the agency announced it had reached a $1.9 billion settlement with a group of Texas homeowners over pollution from wastewater treatment plants.

The settlement was designed to resolve lawsuits and other issues surrounding pollution from two Texas treatment plants that were cited for the state to spend millions of dollars to clean up in 2014.

But, in January, Gov.

Greg Abbott announced a plan to end the deal, calling it a “misguided, punitive, and expensive political stunt.”

“We can’t wait any longer to stop this toxic waste from contaminating our drinking water, and that’s why we’re asking Congress to provide millions of gallons of clean, safe water to Texans every day in the next three years,” Abbott said at the time.

The ad campaign is part of a larger push for federal support for clean water infrastructure in the U.S., which has become a priority for Trump.

The president has proposed funding for the expansion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which could lead to the Dakota access project and construction of new pipelines and storage tanks.

Trump has also proposed to double funding for water conservation projects.

“We are committed to bringing this clean water to the American people,” Trump said in a statement on the ad.

“But as we work together to solve the water crisis in America, we also have to make sure our water systems are clean and safe for our people.”

The White House has said it would not be spending any money on the campaign, but it has also made it clear that the president’s priority is to help communities across the country deal with the consequences of the water crises that have plagued their states.

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