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Posted November 10, 2018 09:17:03As a tech writer, I’m constantly asked what the next big thing is.

So I decided to go back and re-create the answer from the ’90s: “It’s a lot of people working together.”

So, in 2018, I decided I needed to revisit the idea that the next great thing is the combination of many people.

What I meant was that, as technology continues to advance, the idea of a single singular product will likely change.

And the combination, for most people, is probably going to involve multiple products.

But this will also change as we move into the 21st century, as new technologies like AI, robotics, virtual reality, and other disruptive technologies combine to change the way we work and live.

So as the next major innovation occurs, how will we see that next big idea?

And how will this new combination of technologies impact us all?

In a sense, we already know how big the next next big things are.

There are countless examples of big ideas coming out of academia and other areas of technology.

These innovations are often labeled as “technological singularity” or “singularity.”

The next big ideas are often thought of as being about a new form of society.

For example, in the ’80s, a lot was made of the possibility of a “new kind of communism” with a government that would regulate people’s behavior, enforce social standards, and so on.

But that utopian vision was soon eclipsed by the fact that we had all of these new technologies.

In the ’60s, the concept of the new industrial revolution was also brought to mind.

But the reality of these changes was far less exciting than the utopian vision.

So the next time someone tells you about the next “singular technology” that will change everything, think of it like the idea from the future of the Big Bang.

It’s about the combination and integration of many different things, and we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of it as we continue to evolve into the future.

What are the biggest innovations you’re seeing in the world today?

What’s your favorite innovation?

Let us know in the comments.

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