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The Australian Financial Commission has issued a report warning that toxic chemicals may be lurking in some of the country’s most widely used cleaning and disinfectant products, and has urged businesses to make sure they are aware of any potential risks.

Key points:The AFR has issued an advisory about the possible risks of disinfectants and cleaning products contaminated with chemicals used in household cleaning and dousing”It is important for people to understand that, while it is unlikely that any chemicals can be identified by routine testing, the risks can be significant,” the AFR said in its report, titled Toxic Chemicals in Household Cleaning and Disinfectant Products: Risk Assessment and Recommendations.

“As we have seen in the past, there can be serious health and environmental consequences if people are exposed to chemicals in the workplace.”‘

I just felt I needed to do something’A cleaning and cleaning product that contains detergents and cleaning agents such as soap and water, is likely to contain a variety of chemicals that are known to cause serious harm to the body.

In the AFS report, the agency highlighted how, in a recent study, a small number of chemicals were found in a range of household cleaning products.

In one study, researchers found that, of 20 household products, one was linked to cancer.

The AFS said that in one study in Melbourne, a product called Crematrin, which is used in the making of a range for cleaning products, contained more than one chemical known to be carcinogenic.

“This suggests that the majority of the ingredients in the products are toxic and potentially carcinogenic,” the report said.

“Many of these chemicals are found in detergients and cleaning solutions, such as soaps, shampoos and hand soaps.”

The report said the products should be tested for the chemicals and, if found, should be washed down with tap water.

It also said companies should be aware of the chemicals that have been found in the product and the potential risks associated with using it.

“In the past few years, the use of cleaning and sanitising agents has become increasingly common in Australia,” the agency said.’

I didn’t think I’d ever find something like this’Ms Gillian Hinchliffe said she was surprised to find the chemicals in a product that was not recommended for use.

“It was like I didn’t know I was exposed to it,” she said.

She said the product was sold in Victoria and was used in a small business.

“I didn.

I didn.

And it was disgusting,” she told the ABC.”

“‘You’ve got to get rid of it, you’ve got no choice’.””

The AFA has also asked for public awareness campaigns to educate consumers about the risks of using household cleaners and disinfectants.””

‘You’ve got to get rid of it, you’ve got no choice’.”

The AFA has also asked for public awareness campaigns to educate consumers about the risks of using household cleaners and disinfectants.

“We also want people to take steps to protect themselves and their families from these potentially dangerous chemicals and have recommended that consumers contact their local authorities and to check the labels on any cleaning products they buy,” the organisation said.

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