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A lot of the stories about New York’s urban sprawl are made up of images of a sea of cars and skyscrapers, of people in tight spaces, or of abandoned buildings.

In reality, it’s all of these things combined. 

But there are some things we know about New Yorkers that you don’t hear in these images, and these things are important to know about. 


The city’s population is growing and getting larger The city population is at an all-time high, and it’s growing at a faster rate than the rest of the country.

But the city population has also increased over the last few decades, especially in the past decade.

According to the Census Bureau, the city’s metropolitan area is now the fifth-largest in the United States, after New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. 


It’s also growing faster than other major cities The number of New Yorkers in the country is currently at about 1.1 million.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, that’s more than twice as many as the population of San Francisco, which has an estimated population of 1.2 million.


The median household income in New York is higher than in any other major metropolitan area in the U, and its median household salary is also higher than any other metropolitan area.


New York residents have higher rates of poverty than any major city in the world.

The median household household income for New York has risen from $52,000 in 2012 to $62,400 in 2017, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


A lot more people are living on the streets than people living in the city.

About one-third of the city is considered “poor” by the Census, which is higher still than any large city in America.


There are more than 1,000 subway stations in the New York metropolitan area, and over a third of them are in Manhattan.


New Yorkers can go to nearly every major city, but most of them don’t, at least not on a daily basis.

New people who move into a big city often want to go out on a weekend to eat at a trendy restaurant or go to the movies, but that doesn’t happen in many places in the cities in which they live.


You can’t really get a full-time job in New Yorks metropolitan area because of the housing crisis The number of full- and part-time jobs in Newyork has dropped by nearly half since the mid-1990s, according the New Yorkers for Jobs Coalition.


There’s more subway stations than there are apartments in Manhattan The number one reason why people can’t live in New york is because there’s too many subway stations to live in, which means that if they want to live somewhere else they can’t, which sucks.


There aren’t a lot of grocery stores in the metropolitan area There are no grocery stores, and that means the people who need to go grocery shopping have to drive to New York.


There isn’t as much traffic in Newyo ny as there is in other major urban areas.

There aren’t as many cars in New Yo ns metropolitan area as there are in other large cities.


There is more diversity in Newzons life than elsewhere In the United Kingdom, people live longer and healthier than they do in the rest.


The number-one thing people do in New Yorkers apartments is cook. 

New Yorkers do it more often than in many other major American cities. 


The metro area’s population of renters is much higher than the national average Renting is an important part of New Yorks economic success, as it allows people to afford to live.

Renting in Newys area is especially common, as the housing shortage is blamed for many of the boroughs economic troubles.


People in Newyscas neighborhoods are much more likely to be minorities than in other big cities, and in the Bronx there is much more diversity of ethnicities in its neighborhoods.


There have been more murders than rapes in Newyyorks metro area Since 2010, there have been over 3,000 murders and over 2,300 rapes in the metro area. 


There has been a huge spike in the use of prescription painkillers The number and severity of prescriptions prescribed for opioid painkillers has increased dramatically over the past few years, especially for chronic pain.


The subway system is very dangerous, especially on weekends The subway is the fastest growing form of transportation in the American city, and with it comes an increasing number of fatalities and injuries.


There are more violent crimes in NewYorks metro areas than anywhere else in the entire United States In New York and in other metro areas, violent crime is not limited to isolated crimes but can affect a

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