RO Water Purification System in Dubai

An aerial view of the polluted water in the city of Negley, Ontario, on Thursday, April 18, 2020.

(Canadian Press photo: JEFF JIMRICK)The water from the water treatment plant is now being treated, but a significant portion of the city still has a higher than safe level of lead in the water.

The level is a maximum of 300 parts per million, according to the Ontario Health Department, which is about five times the limit for drinking water in Ontario.

In the case of Negleys water, the contamination is caused by a bacteria called Klebsiella pneumoniae.

It is not uncommon for people to be infected with the bacteria, which has been found in many different types of contaminated water in Canada, and many cities have been grappling with its effect on the community.

In Negley where the water is treated, the water level is around 300 parts, meaning it is likely to contain more lead than safe drinking water.

“It’s an ongoing process.

We have to get it to the next level, which we’re currently at,” said Andrew Jernigan, executive director of the Water Treatment Plant in Negley.

Jernigan said Negleys levels are much lower than the Canadian Safe Drinking Water Framework, which would require the city to get a total of about 30 parts per billion in lead in its water.

Negley’s water, he said, is safe enough for drinking.

In all, Negleys city council is expected to approve the $4 million proposal in early April.

The city has set aside $2 million for the project, and the $1.8 million will come from the city’s water recycling program.

Jensen said he expects Negleys municipal water supply will be safe enough to use for years to come.

“The amount of lead is minimal.

If you have any levels, you need to treat the water, you don’t want to be contaminating the water,” he said.”

What you need is a water treatment facility, a water system, a facility to treat water that’s safe.”

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