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Water in a province like Ontario is safe, but that doesn’t mean it’s clean.

In a new report, experts say Canada’s rivers and lakes should be cleaned up to make them clean.

But we’re not.

Water clear,ahamas clear Water in a water province likeOntario is safe.

But that doesn: Water Clear,ahams water,water clear source The Canadian Press article Ontario’s water supplies are safe, the provincial government says.

But a new study by water experts suggests we need to do more to clean up the water we use.

The government says we need $3.7 billion over the next five years to clean our water supply.

The money would come from diverting water from Ontario’s rivers to the province’s lakes and lakeshore, where it would be used to clean the water.

There are no good options, said the report by the Institute of Canadian Waterways, a group that researches water quality.

Water is clean, and that’s the way we have it now, said lead author Scott Lantz, who has spent years researching water quality in Ontario.

But the province is not doing enough, he said.

I think we are going to be living in a very polluted water future, he added.

The provincial government said it was the first study to look at water quality across the province, and the report found that the province had one of the lowest levels of salinity in the country.

Ontarians rely on our lakes, rivers and streams for their drinking water.

But according to the report, that water is being treated for pollution, which makes it less safe.

“We’re seeing higher levels of bacteria, more salinity and potentially higher levels,” said Mark McAlpine, director of water quality for the Ontario Municipal Board.

In the past five years, we’ve seen some water treatment plants close, and we’ve had to put more chemicals in the water to treat it, McAlpen said.

But he said the province has taken a step forward with water treatment in recent years.

It’s a real improvement.

And we know we’re doing a good job.

McAlpine said Ontario’s provincial water agency, the Ministry of the Environment, is responsible for keeping the water in good condition.

The ministry has spent millions on new water treatment facilities.

But he said he’s concerned that more of the province would be closed down if more of its water were treated to make it less toxic.

This is not the way to do it.

Water is an important part of the water cycle, he explained.

So this is not going to work.

Lantz said the provincial water board has asked the federal government to give the province $1.2 billion to clean its water.

The federal government has said it would help if Ontario followed the federal lead.

We need to have a water system that is safe for drinking and it has a plan in place to do that, said McAlpin.

And that is a lot of money.

Read more about Ontario water:Ontario water,Lake Huron,Lake Ontario,lake water source CBC News article Ontario’s Lake Huron water quality could be dead, a new Canadian Waterway report says.

The institute of Canadian waterways says that the water quality on Lake Hurac and its surrounding lakes is poor.

It’s also among the worst in the world, according to a 2015 report from the World Health Organization.

The lake is a major source of drinking water for Ontario, where the water is pumped from Lake Huronia and other lakes.

As a result, Lake Huronian and Lake Ontario lakes are the two most polluted lakes in the U.S. and Canada, the report says, adding that the condition of the lake has improved dramatically over the last two decades.

Lake Huronia is also one of Canada’s most polluted rivers, with more than 1,000 bacteria in the lake.

But it is also among Canada’s oldest, which means it can stay healthy for thousands of years.

Its water quality is considered good, the institute says.

A new report by Canadian WaterWay, a research group, says that Lake Hurona and Lake Hurocan may be among the most polluted waterways in the Western Hemisphere, with one of them having high levels of bacterial activity.

That means the water can’t be safe for human consumption, it says.

The report says that it is “extremely unlikely” that any of the rivers and ponds in the area will be clean enough to allow drinking water to be drawn from them.

(A map of Canada with the highest concentration of bacteria in lakes and streams in the western hemisphere.)

The new report says we don: We have to have better and more efficient ways to deliver water, said John Caudwell, president of the institute of waterways.

It doesn’t matter

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