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Water-related costs are rising, and the costs are growing as governments in Canada and around the world look to tackle the “disruptive” effects of water pollution, a new study finds.

The study by the Centre for Excellence in Water Economics and Management (CEWEM) at the University of Toronto, and its Canadian co-authors examined data from a global database that tracks the costs of water-related pollution and found that Canada, with a population of 2.5 million, is now spending $1.1 billion annually on water- related pollution, which it estimates is the equivalent of 6 percent of its gross domestic product.

In comparison, the United States spends $1,300 per person on water pollution per year.

In Canada, the study found, the cost of water quality is estimated to be $2.4 billion annually.

The total amount spent by the federal government on water quality programs in the country has increased from $10.8 billion in 2014 to $19.3 billion in 2019, with an average increase of 14.3 percent a year.

“In Canada, we see a lot of governments spending money to address pollution, and they’re not really spending the money to protect water quality,” said Dr. Daniel Witherspoon, an associate professor at CEWEM and co-author of the study.

“It’s really just another way that governments are making money by keeping water pollution in the background.”

In other words, Canada is spending money on a “water security” strategy that’s only relevant to a very small percentage of the population.

“We have the largest water infrastructure in the world, so we have to keep water quality under lock and key.

We have to maintain a level of water in the environment,” Withersonsaid.

“But we don’t have that level of protection, and that’s the real reason that the costs have increased.”

The study also found that while the costs per person are increasing, water-based pollution costs are actually declining as governments are looking to protect and improve water quality.

The report found that total water-use pollution, including waste and waste water, increased in the United Kingdom in 2016, rising by 22 percent from $1 trillion to $1.,058 billion.

The United States, meanwhile, saw a 16 percent decline in water-spending costs, or $1 in 2020, as governments around the country increased their investments in clean water.

The Canadian study, meanwhile and its co-authored colleagues also found water pollution spending in the developed world has been on the decline since the early 2000s.

In fact, water pollution costs have fallen by almost 60 percent since 2000.

But it’s not just the U.S. and Canada that are seeing these trends, Witherspringsaid.

In Japan, which has the second-highest per capita water use in the industrialized world, pollution spending fell by 40 percent over the past 10 years.

Withersconsaid that the “environmental cost” of water is also rising.

In 2016, Canada spent $7,856 per person to prevent water pollution from entering the country, but it only saved $1 million in the process, Witheringsaid.

And the report found countries such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea spend far more on water protection than Canada.

“Water quality and water security are now at the top of the list for most developed countries,” Withering said.

“So we are seeing an increase in the amount of water protection spending in developed countries, but there are also countries that are actually spending less on water security and water quality.”

In Canada the cost to clean up a city with a large population of one million people has risen from $3.4 million to $5.5 billion.

“Our government has spent billions of dollars trying to address water pollution,” Wetherspoon said.

He added that in some cases governments have even been forced to cut funding for water conservation and treatment.

“The government has cut funding to water-quality programs because of the costs associated with clean water.”

The cost of fixing a city is now a much bigger factor in a country’s water-supply problems than the costs to clean it up, Wethersonsays.

“People have to pay for the cost associated with water pollution and then they’re paying for the costs related to clean water,” Wathersonsay.

“They’re paying money for water quality, but if the cost goes up it will affect the economy and the quality of the water.”

“The cost to fix a city has risen by 40% in the past decade.

The cost to solve a water crisis is growing by 20% per year,” Wiversonssaid.

“And the cost for water security has actually gone up in the same period, so it’s going up

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