RO Water Purification System in Dubai

The US president announced a new plan to tackle the nation’s water crisis on Tuesday, pledging to build a network of 50,000 water treatment plants in states where he won.

“If I win, we’re going to build 50,00 more water treatment facilities,” Mr Trump said at the start of his speech.

“That’s the number of people in the country who can get water from this great river,” he said.

The announcement comes as the world grapples with the threat of climate change, with countries like China and India already pumping massive amounts of water from the rivers to flush away pollution and sewage.

“This is a global problem,” Mr White said.

“You’ve got China pumping a billion-dollar per day in water, and it’s pouring into our rivers, which is a problem, but we have a great water infrastructure here in the United States.”

He also promised to boost US water security.

“We will restore our water system to its full potential, by building the world’s largest system of 50 million taps, 50 million filtration plants, 50,0000 wastewater treatment plants, and 50, 000 treatment plants,” he added.

“And we will restore to our people the most basic human rights of all: water, water, rain and sun.”

Trump pledges to invest in clean water Mr Trump has repeatedly pledged to restore clean water and clean air to America.

During his campaign he repeatedly pledged “to clean up our water”, promising to build “the world’s biggest water system”, and “to get it to everybody in America”.

“I will invest in water,” he told a crowd in January.

“I am not going to wait for the rest of the world to fix it.”

But he did not mention that the US had more than 50 billion gallons of raw sewage flowing into its rivers each year, according to the American Water Works Association.

On Monday, the US Environmental Protection Agency said the country’s sewage levels had reached a “record” level.

“The current state of our water resources and wastewater systems are not sustainable,” said agency spokesperson Liz Hill.

“Our nation’s current level of sewage pollution is in the highest level it has been in over 50 years,” she said.

In January, the EPA estimated the US would need to build up to 60 billion gallons (155 billion litres) of new water treatment capacity each year to deal with the current pollution.

The plan is expected to cost about $100 billion.

The US is the world leader in water pollution and has more than 60% of the global total of untreated sewage.

According to the US Department of Energy, more than a third of the nation has at least one polluted river.

The Clean Water Act of 1972 states that states should protect the environment and clean water, but Mr Trump’s plan would remove this authority from state and local governments.

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