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Washington, D.C. – A week after a federal court ordered a major drinking water supplier to clean up the polluted Lake Michigan, the agency that operates the Michigan River’s main spillway has yet to comply with the court order.

The agency said Thursday that it is working on a “tremendous backlog” of court cases to clear the contaminated water and have it released to consumers.

The Associated Press first reported the delay.

Lake Michigan is the largest source of drinking water for more than half of the U:l States, supplying about 50% of the nation’s water needs and a third of its agricultural crops.

The lake is one of the most important water sources in the country, and the spillway serves as the only water line to the Michigan State University football stadium.

The spillway’s operator, Detroit-based Kalamazoo-based Michigan River Water District (MRWSD), said it has filed for bankruptcy protection.

“The company has filed bankruptcy protection and the state has filed to declare the company bankrupt,” said the Detroit News.

Kalamazau, Michigan.

The water district filed for Chapter 11 protection on Wednesday.

The bankruptcy filing comes a day after the state of Michigan said it would file a petition with the U;s Department of Justice to revoke the city’s bankruptcy protection after its water supply was contaminated by lead from a river that runs beneath the city.

The federal judge overseeing the case in U.K. court ordered the company to pay $1.4 billion in damages.

In the U., lead is used in paint, carpets, plumbing and plumbing fixtures, and in drinking water.

The lead in the water is also known as “pink slime” and “bisphenol A.”

Lead has been a problem in drinking and cooking water for decades.

In 2011, Michigan and other states imposed a ban on the sale of certain household products that contain lead.

A federal law also required that all lead-based paint and household plumbing fixtures be tested before use.

It also required testing for lead in drinking tap water, which can be found in tap water fountains and faucets, and water pipes.

The U.s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it is taking steps to address the issue.

“We are working with the federal government to take steps to ensure our drinking water meets the highest standards,” said Scott Riggs, EPA deputy assistant administrator for water quality and safety.

The EPA said it expects to complete its investigation of the Flint River water crisis this year.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has called for a federal investigation into the water crisis.

Michigan is one a number of states and cities across the country where residents have been exposed to lead-contaminated water, but no one has been criminally charged.

Michigan, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, has said his office will be suing the EPA for any role it may have played in the crisis.

The Justice Department said it was reviewing the lawsuit.

Flint has a population of about 12,000 and is about 90% black.

The state has been under federal investigation since May of this year for the water emergency.

The city’s water system was switched off after lead was found in Flint’s water supply.

The problem was discovered in July.

The Flint water was tested more than two weeks after it was switched on.

In a letter sent to state regulators on Oct. 7, the U.;s Department the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), said the agency “has issued a Notice of Allegations of Violations.

EPA is also currently investigating an allegation that the Flint Water Treatment Plant failed to maintain adequate water quality standards and failed to report to the EPA a sample of the lead in Flint water and the results of a sampling of Flint drinking water that the EPA said contained lead exceeding the EPA’s maximum contaminant level of 15 ppb.”

EPA said the EPA would be “taking appropriate steps to remedy any violations that may have occurred.”

A Michigan judge approved the state’s request for the EPA to review lead in water testing in April.

The Michigan judge ordered the state to pay for the $1 billion lead remediation work.

The judge also ordered the EPA not to make any further comments until the remediation is complete.

The Environmental Protection Department’s chief deputy chief counsel, Paul D. Miller, told the AP the agency is waiting for the full investigation of lead in public water.

“As we’ve been very clear throughout this, the remedial work will be completed in the appropriate timeframe, and we’re not going to be commenting on any further investigations or any other ongoing cases,” Miller said.

The State of Michigan has sued the EPA, asking for a review of the water quality tests.

In its complaint, the state said lead levels in Flint drinking-water were in the low 30s and were higher than in Flint public schools.

In addition, the complaint said the city had no adequate testing for corrosion.

In April, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said she

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