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By Michael G. SmithPublished Aug 05, 2018 05:45:11A few months ago, a few of my colleagues at The New York Times published a piece on the Guinness World Records with the title, “Guinness World Record-setting man, 58, breaks world record for drinking fresh water from an empty bottle.”

The story noted that Guinness World Brewery, based in Dublin, Ireland, “sees no reason to keep the Guinness world record that it set last year.”

In fact, Guinness World Breweries CEO Richard Branson said in January that “the Guinness World record has not been changed since it was set in 1916.”

In the world of the Guinness Book of World Records, “empty bottles” refers to the number of times a beer has been served.

The current record for a Guinness World Beer, however, was set when a man drank a glass of beer for two and a half hours straight without refilling it.

It was not until last week that Guinness issued a statement clarifying that the Guinness beer, which was called the “Granitano,” “seemed to be served for a long time.”

Here is the official statement from Guinness: “We were surprised that the original Guinness beer had not been served for two hours.

The Guinness beer is served in an empty glass and is a traditional Irish beverage.

We have always been clear that the drink was meant for a short period of time and not to be consumed for more than two hours.”

Guinness Brewery is based in Ireland and operates its brewery in the city of Cork.

According to Guinness, its beer is not meant to be drunk for more then two hours, nor is it intended to be used to make Guinness Guinness Ale, the Guinness product that is most often consumed in Ireland.

A spokesperson for Guinness said the “Guiness” mark on the back of the beer indicates the “first time it has been drank.”

In the case of the Granitano, Guinness said, “the beer has never been served as an alternative beverage, and we have never been able to find any documentation that this is the case.”

While the Guinness statement does not clarify how long Guinness Beer is intended to last, it did clarify that it was meant to last for “a long time” and “never meant to replace the Guinness ale in the Guinness bar, nor in a Guinness pub.”

In this article, I want to discuss the history of Guinness and explain how this new Guinness beer will change the Guinness record.

First, a bit of history.

In 1917, Guinness made the first of the World Beer Bottles.

Guinness produced one bottle of the product in Dublin in 1917, and then exported it to the United States, where it was named “Guisies Old Porters.”

Guinness Brewery in Cork was founded in 1875, and is one of the oldest continuously operating breweries in Ireland, according to Guinness.

The first brewery in Cork opened in 1893.

In 1916, Guinness began selling the product for “just” one pint, according a Guinness spokesperson.

The company eventually expanded to include “five, six, and seven” bottles in the “World” beer format.

In 1928, Guinness published the Guinness Beer Book of Records, a reference to the Guinness brand, which had not previously been made by Guinness.

In the early 1930s, Guinness Brewery began selling a beer called Guinness Extra, which featured more of the original “Grenadines” recipe.

In 1941, Guinness was purchased by Anheuser-Busch InBev, which is headquartered in the U.K. and also distributes Guinness.

This acquisition meant that the company would have a larger beer portfolio, including a brand called Guinness Light.

The beer had been in production since 1922, but was only available in the company’s own product, Guinness Extra.

In the early 1970s, an Irish-American businessman named Peter Glaser purchased the Guinness label from Guinness, and used it to create a new type of Guinness beer.

In 1971, Guinness released Guinness Light, which contained all of Guinness’ original recipes.

The following year, Guinness Light was renamed Guinness Extra in honor of Glaser.

In 1972, Guinness introduced the Guinness Extra to the U

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